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Our Office Does Both Federal And State Appeals

Last updated on December 21, 2022

Appellate law is the process by which a person challenges a lower court outcome before a panel of judges in order to overturn a decision, ruling, or verdict that is contrary to law or obtained in error. The The Law Office of Timothy M. Collier, PLLC handles your appeal in all civil cases. We focus on state and federal court appeals at all levels.

Appeals are often thought of a redo, but they are not. The grounds for an appeal consists of errors made by the lower court judge or areas where a jury got a verdict wrong. The grounds to appeal a case also take into account for any objections made during trial and remarks made before a case is submitted to the jury. It takes a keen eye to identify actual appeal issues, and the experience of our attorneys to know what issues to present to a higher court.

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If you are in need of assistance with an appeal for you case, then you can reach out to our team to get help with answering your questions. Call us at 480-480-3705, or if you would prefer you may write to us here and send us a brief description of your situation.